This FORUM aims is to define and grow the knowledge about HYSTORY of WATERCOLOR. The informations are heritage of all Watercolorist of the World, they are welcome to share by email to to be part of this forum library. The library starts from Laurin McCracken lecture done during FabrianoInAcquarello online event in 2020.  


  Realism: Then & Now Laurin McCracken AWS NWS an on-line lecture by Laurin McCracken,  FabrianoInWatercolor 2021 International Congres meeting YOU CAN READ  AND DOWLOAD PDF FILE BY THIS LINK OR YOU CAN SEE VIDEO OF THE LECTURE AT THIS LINK  


 an on-line presentation by Laurin McCracken,  FabrianoInWatercolor 2020 International Congres meeting VIDEO of the lecture at this link PDF FILE of lecture dowload at this link The Ancient History of Watermedia /  Introduction This presentation concerns the technical and historical developments that  caused and allowed watercolor to become the important medium it is today.  It is  not intended to be a survey of the art of the time nor a detailed discussion of the  artists of that era.  The collective efforts of these artists play a significant role in   this discussion, but I will focus on how the events and economics of the time  impacted the start of the profession of watercolor artist.  I will also show how  certain inventions led to greater access to watercolor art materials and thus to  the spread of the popularity of watercolor. Ancient History  People have used watermedia since the beginning of time. In ancient history, man created paintings on the walls of caves using waterm